Orlando Luxury Stays

About Us

Our Purpose

To consistently provide top rated experiences and stays, responsive customer services, and premium locations and benefits in our short term rentals properties and markets.

Core Values

We Communicate, Listen and Resolve

We believe in building lasting relationships with our team-members and clients. To consistently achieve this, we maintain continuous and immediate communication, always listening with care and empathy, and aim to understand the thoughts and concerns of our partners and team-members. We always respond quickly to all communication, and resolve any issues immediately.

We are Trustworthy, and Act in Good Faith

We maintain a high standard of performance through the enhanced capabilities of our Teams. With this, we build trust amongst ourselves, and with our Clients and exterior partners. We are committed to preserving confidence between all parties involved in any interactions or transactions going through our business. Our Property Owners are always assured their investments are being well managed and protected.

Own The Task!

We ask our team-members to be strong and committed business owners and leaders within our organization. They are proud of the work they do, and finish the job or task to it's completion. Our team-members find the resolution for issues and concerns, or ask for help from another in order to respond, resolve and close an issue expeditiously. We encourage them to interact, encourage and support each other, while collectively owning the goals of the organization. We strive for our guests to get back to their lives and vacations quickly, and for our property owners to continue to hold our Team and our management practices in the highest regard.

We Develop Professionally through Training and Systems

We instill a sense of pride in our team-members by continuously promoting training and development, both in our business and in their personal lives. We love to research and find new ways to manage our operations more efficiently, so we encourage our staff to recognize the kinks in our processes, and find solutions to make us and our systems improve. We continuously audit procedures to learn, improve and expedite results.

We Pursue Growth

We hire awesome 'A' people who are growth-minded, exemplifying excellence, thinking outside the box, and are strategically growing themselves and our Company. We will achieve sustainable long-term growth and profitability by having the right people, the most efficient systems, a solid marketing plan, all operating in the best locations and properties. Our fine-tuned financially strategic business development and expansion plan will support success and continued expansion.

Our Oaths

We stand by our words and actions. This is why we are committed to providing excellent services to our Owners and Guests alike.

Owner Oaths

1. We survive by building great partnership with Property Owners through maintaining strong communication values. If you reach out to us, we will get back to you within 2 hours. If we do not, we will take 1% off our management fee.

2. Your property is our property, and we pride ourselves in keeping your trust. We promise that your property will always be cleaned and maintained with the highest standards. If you ever find your property in a condition not upholding your and our standards, we will credit you $500 off our management fee.

Benefit to the Owner

Your confidence in the management and operation of your short-term rental business is key to building a long term and successful partnership. We are committed to ensuring that you can rest easy and know that your property is being well maintained, booked regularly, and paying a great return on your investment.

Guest Oaths

1. We want you to check into one of our properties and be able to honor the 5-second rule. Therefore, if you find anything not up to our promised cleaning standards, we will refund you the cleaning fee.

2. Our properties are cleaned, inspected and stocked as promised, and ALWAYS ready for your check in. If not, we will refund you your first night.

3. We promise to respond to any inquiries from you with a resolution within one hour. If we do not, we will discount your stay by 15%.

Benefits to Our Guests

You will have confidence in us as hosts and be assured of our property and amenity standards. You will experience our attentiveness to detail and property readiness, our responsiveness to your queries, and our upholding of the strong characteristics of our Core Values.